Friday, January 30, 2015

Rain Day

 I love rainy days and I love rainy days off  even more! I know it sounds strange but living in Arizona has made me appreciate the rain. When I lived in Canada rain was an ever present thing, we often had more grey days than sun, but here in AZ rainy days are a treat. The rain here seems to come down in a hurry then leave just as fast, so when I have a day where it rains softly on and off for the whole day I savor it!

  There is nothing like a soft drizzle that pitter-pats off the skylights and trails down the windows. It creates a soft white noise for the day and puts me into putter mode. I just want to do as little as possible and enjoy the wet that is outside my window.

 Here are my tips on how to enjoy a rainy day:

  The right supplies are essential to enjoying a good rainy day, the madeleines I made yesterday pair perfectly with a cup of tea and their light lemon color breaks up the grey of the day perfectly. I stayed in my pajama's late after the hubby left for work and enjoyed a second cup of tea and a little plate of these goodies. Don't be in a hurry, just enjoy and quit fretting about calories they don't exist on rain days.

  Comfort food is essential as well. Today it's cool enough to wear a sweater and a warm bowl of something steamy and comforting pair well with the day. Lucky for me the hubby made lamb curry a few days ago and the left overs piled over a soft, pillowy bed of rice is just the thing to put a damper on the chill in the house. Find something to savor, that makes you happy and enjoy!

  A post lunch nap is essential if it is still raining. The best sleep is had when one drifts off listening to the soft fall of rain, I always take advantage of these sort of days. After all they only come around 
once in a while.

  After napping I inevitably feel some urge to do something, but nothing to involved. Something to keep the hands busy but that allows the mind to wander. Knitting is usually the go to activity for me in times like this. I always have about three projects on the go and it's not unusual to swap between them on a day like this. Some like to enjoy a good book, I used to be that way but lately I have had my fill of books and reading thanks to school. Besides there is something intensely therapeutic about the feel of soft, smooth yarn slipping through the fingers and the soft click of needles as they magically turn what is essentially a ball of string into a recognizable object.

  I've been working on this scarf for a few months now, so it seemed like the perfect time to pick it up again. It's just knits and purls worked into a nice chevron pattern, easy enough to keep the hands busy, involved enough to keep me from getting bored. It's a handsome pattern for a guys scarf which can be hard to find. I found it on Ravelry by Wyndlestraw Designs.  

Beckenham Scarf
© Moira Ravenscroft, 2013
    Why don't you check out the website on your next rainy day and get some inspiration on how to enjoy.